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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Spoiler Alert! a post by Megan Maiden

Posted by Tavis Maiden on

Spoiler Alert! Or Why I Like to Ruin Things for Myself   Did you know that Game of Thrones season 3 is starting on March 31st?! Did you know that there are several teasers and trailers out to quench your undying thirst until this day arrives?! Did you know that this is based off a […]

Morning Treat

Posted by Tavis Maiden on

This comic is fiction…so far. It could also be a grim look into the future if I ever, EVER want TJ to take a vitamin/Tylenol/antidotes. I was cleaning out the medicine cabinet this week and found a giant bottle of fish oil, which was recommended to TJ for some gaining in height triglycerides. He took […]

Strip Fighter

Posted by Tavis Maiden on

Round 3: Tavis Versus Lexxy Round 2: Katie Versus Ty Round 1: Katie Versus Alex Yeah, that’s right. I’m doing it. For every Strip Search elimination I’m going to make a commemorative Strip Fighter Shirt featuring the two Artists locked in combat. So to start things off, here’s round 1…ART! Alex posted a Versus […]

Strip Search has launched

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Currently on Strip Search News: Keep up with all the Strip Search happenings by checking out Strip Search. Interested in what the artists have been doing since the show? Follow them by following an unofficial fan page by an official fan. It’s nice that there’s someone out there collecting all the memes and twitter […]