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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Hut Hut Psych!

Posted by Tavis Maiden on

Tavis’ dad David had a milestone birthday this week (more than 40, less than 100) and, seeing as he loves both Peanuts and his grand-babies, we commemorate his birthday with this comic! Is there any visual in the history of cartoons as iconic as Lucy pulling the football out from Charlie Brown? While Selby is […]

August Shout Outs!

Posted by Tavis Maiden on

Last month was the first month of my ongoing Patreon Campaign. I am so grateful and fortunate to have some very incredible backers. I want to take a moment to call out my awesome patrons who backed at the “Shout Out” and higher level: Teeg Ketchen, Neale Genereux, Amy Backstrom, Dan Rehberg, Myke Prohaska, Ken […]


Posted by Tavis Maiden on

Yeah… I’m pretty sold on producing comics digitally, now.  It’s not got quite the look of the earlier pen/marker work, but I’m getting there.  Mostly it’s an issue of time and convenience – all my tools in one little tablet.  No scanning.  No reprinting, redrawing, tracing, etc.  Just one tool from start to finish.  Before, […]