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Havin’ a Laugh


And You’re Here Becaaauuse…


Wow – we made it a whole year!  YOU made it a whole year!  Thank you SO much for reading – I’ve had a blast working on Major Tom Jr. and I’m excited see what 2015 brings.  Don’t worry – I’m not going anywhere.  We’ve still got a ton of story to work through, including the crew’s first official mission and a crazy cliffhanger you’ll have to read to believe!  In the meantime, we’ll see how the rest of the gang reacts to the crew’s recent addition.  Friendships may form… enemies will be made… and a whole lot more clones are gonna die!  Meet us back here next year (next week) for an all new strip, and keep your eyes peeled for MAJOR TOM JR. – INITIAL MISSION: PART ONE.  This one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, limited edition card-book includes the entire story thus far (minus the strip above) and a HUGE making-of section detailing my illustration process and showcasing some of my favorite artwork from the series.  (Hint: it’ll be in the Thunderskull Press store sometime next week.)

Totalitarian Diplomacy


I SPECIFICALLY said to the guy, “This HAS to be delivered by Wednesday morning.”  He says, “Thursday morning is the best I can do.”  “Unacceptable,” I say, “What am I paying you for?”  And he’s like, “Um… you’re not.”  “Well it has to be Wednesday,” I say.  “I only deliver once a year,” he says.  “Pff!  That’s ridiculous – who’s your supervisor?!”  I tried to get his name, but he just rolled his eyes and flew away.  Sigh.

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