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Yeah… I’m pretty sold on producing comics digitally, now.  It’s not got quite the look of the earlier pen/marker work, but I’m getting there.  Mostly it’s an issue of time and convenience – all my tools in one little tablet.  No scanning.  No reprinting, redrawing, tracing, etc.  Just one tool from start to finish.  Before, I was using paper, pencil, pens, markers, a scanner, GIMP, Inkscape…  Now it’s just my Surface Pro, Bamboo Feel Stylus, and Manga Studio 5.  I can make comics on the couch or in bed – in the car or on my lunch break.  It’s pretty sweet.  Hope you like the new visual direction.  I’ll hone my skills over the next few weeks and will hopefully be super efficient once the crew lands at their first real mission.  Until then, shoot me a message on our Facebook page or Twitter – let me know what you think.   @thedrawingtable

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