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Man, I love a good reboot!  Sure, sometimes it feels like a cheap marketing ploy that was never given enough thought and only serves to shove more action figures down our throats – and too often they’re childhood treasures placed precariously in the hands of folks who have no business messing with them (*coughMichealBaycough*) – but hopefully that won’t be the case here.  Actually… now that I mention it, some Major Tom Jr. action figures would be pretty sweet…

Anyhoo – hi!  I’m Jeremy.  I’ll be setting coordinates on this ship for the foreseeable future.  I’ve been working with Tavis for a while now and when he asked if I’d like to draw Major Tom Jr., I jumped at the chance.  (Okay, it looked a little more like shrugging and grunting, but I was actually pretty excited.)  I’d been wanting to work on another Thunderskull Press project after my short Konamis fill-in last year, and MTj seemed like a logical choice.  I loved how developed the concept and characters were – right from the get-go.  Even though there were only a handful of strips, it felt like a fully realized world.  I particularly enjoyed the character bios and realized that I wanted to read the stories that made these characters who they are – so now I get to write and draw them.

In essence, we’re starting from scratch.  One strip a week – hopefully entertaining on it’s own – but also part of a grander narrative.  We’ll see how the crew of the OBO fair on their first mission (probably over the next year or so) and peek in on what it’s like on a Diplomatic Class Cruiser where hardly anyone knows what they’re doing.  Imagine this as the beginning of a story that all the previous strips fit into at one point or another.

That’s enough of me gabbing.  Welcome to the beginning of a new era for Major Tom Jr. and his faithful (stuck-there-whether-they-like-it-or-not) crew.  I hope you enjoy it.


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