When I was a child, Freddy Kruger was the main thing I was scared of (until a little puppet called the Crypt Keeper changed the game and upped the ante on my terror levels). I was in the 5 to 7 year old range when my older brothers were watching these movies and tormenting me with their posters and images of this burned man with the knives for fingers. I managed to not actually see anything in real life until I accidentally caught them watching the Nightmare on Elm Street TV show. For some reason, Freddy Kruger flying an old timey plane sent me into hysterics. As a kindergartener I had two very graphic dreams that I still remember most of the details to; in honor of Halloween I will share the parts of those dreams.


Dream #1: I was in my house looking for my family. I walked in our office and there was our light up snowman plugged in and glowing. I call out, “Hello?” and Freddy Kruger bursts out of the snowman and lunges for me. I slam the door shut and run to our basement (I wasn’t too bright as a child). My mom was down there ironing clothes when I start to tell her what happened. She takes the iron and calmly presses it to her face, burning the flesh and melting her face. I stand there frozen and freaked out; my “mom” unzips her face and reveals it was Freddy the whole time! He chases me up the stairs and I slam the door in his face. I run to my living room and it has a giant oven in it with a bunch of cubbies full of ashes. I knew then I was going to be cremated…and then I woke up. Gratefully my love of Christmas was not diminished because he broke my snowman. Phew.


Dream #2: (This dream was substantially shorter.) Freddy Kruger was my friendly neighborhood bus driver. As long as you followed his rules, you would make it home alive. I took my seat at the back of the bus; the girl in front of me was popping her gum. BIG MISTAKE JESSICA!! Freddy came reeling back and ripped her head off! Imagine my surprise! I ran through the emergency exit (oh no! I broke a rule!) with Freddy on my heels. The rest of the dream is me hiding in the sewer and water runoffs trying to hide while making my way toward my house. I was able to wake up easier from this dream than the previous one.


As a pre-teen, my best friend and I decided to conquer our fears by watching Freddy’s Dead in my creepy basement. The best (and worst) part about this plan is that the movie is ridiculous and hilarious! I was cured! Freddy’s just a blundering goofball! I was so relieved! I never did figure out how to get rid of the Crypt Keeper that lived under my stairs (We just moved! Sorry new family! Hope you don’t die!) but at least now I don’t get the stress sweats when I think about Freddy Kruger or Robert Englund (because they really are just the same thing).