The Plague has hit the Maiden clan!

I bring news from the front…it’s bad enough having one sick person in the house, but when a stomach bug takes out half of your family (go Team Girls!), it is no fun for anyone. When you are a parent, you get desensitized to a lot of bodily functions very quickly. Everyone jokes about it but you can’t realize just how much puke a 45 lb body can hold until it’s all over your mattress and floor. (A side note: Jonas asked me the previous day why I have a large bucket in my hall closet, so he got to see how that functions first hand.) All I could do was shake my head and laugh because, when I was 5 years old, I managed to blanket myself in vomit while I slept, and continued to sleep, until my mom woke me up asking why I didn’t wake her up when I barfed. I had no explanation, this vomit development was news to me! Yesterday I was at least grateful that I was home and heard the weak call of, “Meeeeeeg” from the other room. Neither vomit nor poop nor fever nor babies crying in the gloom of night stays this Mutha from the swift completion of her appointed rounds