Last month was the first month of my ongoing Patreon Campaign. I am so grateful and fortunate to have some very incredible backers. I want to take a moment to call out my awesome patrons who backed at the “Shout Out” and higher level:

Teeg Ketchen, Neale Genereux, Amy Backstrom, Dan Rehberg, Myke Prohaska, Ken Chapman, Daniel Choe, Joanne Maiden, and Alex (last name withheld)!

With their help and the help of other generous patrons, we’ve had some very cool things go up on our exclusive blog, like behind the scenes process shots and a Tenko King Bestiary.

What is Patreon? It’s a super simple way to help support artists and comics you like. You can pledge any amount you want and set a monthly maximum so you never go over budget. I’m looking to you for your help and support, any donation, spreading the word, reposting, reblogging, any way you can help makes a direct difference. Thanks for the support!