Either Black and White or Full Color


Pricing listed above

…But what do you mean by “Rough Approval and up to 3 Revisions”?

Well, before I get to the inking and/or coloring stage of your commission I do some quick sketches to give you a rough idea of what the final piece will look like. Then you give me the go ahead, or any additional information and revisions before starting the final piece. This way we make sure the bones are in place and looking how you want it.

ALL commission questions should be sent to Subject COMMISSIONS


– I will be only taking on a few commissions at a time, in order of the emails I receive. If you do not hear back from me right away, it means I am not ready to take your commission on.
– I will do fanart/OCs/portrait commissions
– I’m currently only set up to accept payment thru PayPal at this time. I will start on a commission once at least 50% of the payment is received, I will upload once full payment is received. My PayPal-

Anyone interested in commissioning me feel free to send me an email and lets make something AWESOME!