***Caution: May contain spoilers or new information about present and future Doctors, stop reading if you hate spoilers***


Welcome Whovians, Megan here with one of the geekiest subjects you will see me write about: Doctor Who. I am not a die hard fan. Truth be told, I am only into the latter day Whos (Eccleston, Tennant (swoon) and Smith). I used to watch the Tom Baker ones when I was a kid and only remember his wonderful fashion sense, but nothing really about the show. As an adult I’ve tried to watch a few of the older ones and they just don’t hold my interest. Sorry, I need sexy special effects to hold my interests. Also, David Tennant is adorable, I’m only human! Don’t judge me!

Anyhoo, the newest season of Doctor Who kicked off last weekend. I wasn’t sure how I would like Matt Smith when he first started, but I think that he’s a really terrific Doctor and his chemistry with companions Amy and Rory was really special. I think Clara, the new companion, is completely adorable and gives the Doctor a sense of being behind in the game: she’s a mystery to him and it’s great to watch him try to work out why she exists (I’m a total sap so I also like it when they give him someone to have a little flirtatious chemistry with). So far, so good on the companion front, I’m really looking forward to this season.

However, the production company behind Doctor Who always manages to wreck a season before it starts by talking about who will be the next Doctor and why/when the actors are going to bow out. I know that this is not “real life,” I know that I shouldn’t be SO invested, but knowing that Matt Smith will be leaving shortly does make me sad because he REALLY had to win me over in a post Tennant world and darn it, I’ve grown quite attached to him, fez and all. Now, the internet is all abuzz with the fact that David Tennant will be returning as the Doctor for…forever? For a season? For Christmas? I’m a little hazy on this (especially since the Brits have a different series schedule that we do here in America) and, while I’m mentally slipping on my Converse and trench coat, I also don’t want this to be a sad experiment in past actors coming back to reclaim their former glory. I do have faith that Russell T. Davies and Tennant can brush off the dust and restart something special, but I’m a little bummed to have this in the back of my mind this season.

***Thus concludes the geekiest thing I will write about…until there is more Doctor Who news***