Well like I said in last weeks post, the new year is going to herald in new things for Thunderskull Press.


One thing I’d been lamenting over 2013, was not giving Major Tom Jr its fair shake. I’d sporadically post comics as the mood struck me, but never really devoted the time to get it off the ground. I like the world of Major Tom Jr., I like the characters, and I want to see it grow. I want to see the characters come to life and have adventures. It just turns out that I’m not the guy who’s going to be drawing those adventures. For those services I’ve turned to my good friend Jeremy Fisher. But instead of me going into a long winded diatribe, let me let Jeremy introduce himself:



Is there any way to introduce myself to the internet that’s NOT cliche?  Probably not.  Well, in an effort to avoid staring at a blank screen for the next half-hour thinking of the perfect way to say ‘hello’… I’ll just say – HELLO!

Anyone who knows me (crap, there’s that darn cliche) knows full well my distaste for brevity.  I can be pretty long-winded – especially when discussing movies, comics, or drawing.  Not so much because I have a lot to say, but more because I like to say it over and over – revising and restating to get it just so.  Which is why I write better than I talk.  I mean I’m a more effective writer than a talker.  Than a speaker.  Than someone who – oh, whatever.  You see the problem.

Anyhoo – hello internet, I’m delighted to meet you – thank you so much for having me.  And thank you Tavis & Thunderskull Press for welcoming me to the team.  I have been day-jobbing and drawing comics on the side for a number of years now, though many of my projects wound up completion deficient (they’re not done).  When I started working with Tavis a couple years ago, he encouraged me to draw more regularly and work more efficiently – so we started drawing Ninja Turtles together.  (30mnt.blogspot.com)  He liked me enough to let me do a fill-in story for The Konamis while he was away filming StipSearch last year.  (http://thekonamis.com/?p=1947)  I had a blast working on that (with an immensely patient wife and 11lb. son on way) and was excited to work with Tavis again. 

Skip to early November 2013, sitting behind the Thunderskull Press booth at the Tucson Comi-con – drawing for tips (Tavis) and twiddling our thumbs (me).  “Hey, Jeremy – why don’t you draw Major Tom Jr.”  “Y’know… I’ve actually been thinking about that…”  I had been thinking about that.  I really liked the concept of the strip and the gags were hilarious.  It read like The Lost Episodes of Star Trek’s Chubby Younger Brother.  I loved it.  The characters were so well defined and there was so much material to work with – I wanted there to be more.  So Tavis asked me to provide it, and here we are.

I am super-thrilled to be moving into the Maiden home (not happening) and joining the Thunderskull Press family.  If you made it all the way to the end of this bio (there’s that cliche again), I hope you stick around for some SWEET SPACE ACTION – updated every Wednesday.

Cheers (I’m not British).