Hey guys, it’s me Megan again. Here are the movies that put me through the emotional ringer:

I finally got around to watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I loved it…and I can never watch it again. It managed to not only capture not one but several specific aspects of my own high school experience, but the plot itself was so bittersweet and depressing AND it was superbly acted, so I actually cared about most of these characters. To top it off, I did read the book first so I knew what was coming and it STILL broke me! Movies that have me sitting alone on my couch silently weeping are not new to me, it has just been awhile since I had one sneak up on me. I keep thinking of the ‘Friends’ episode where Joey puts the book of Little Women in the freezer because it’s so sad; here is a brief, knee-jerk list of movies that are freezer worthy.

**Disclaimer** Please keep in mind that most of these were only viewed once because I could not get them out of my house fast enough for fear of never feeling happy again, so plots might be a little muddled, but the raw emotion is accurate. Sorry for any spoilers, but I might be doing you a favor.

Dancer in the Dark: Bjork is blind, then goes to jail, then dies, all while singing like the littlest sparrow you want to keep forever. This movie falls under the “Lars Von Trier Wants You to Suffer” category of films; see also Breaking the Waves and Dogville (although the ending for the latter is very satisfying).

House of Sand and Fog: I didn’t read the book for this and I’m relieved that I got off light with just watching the movie. I remember thinking, “What the hell is with this house?!” and then, AGAIN, everyone dies in such a way that is so unnecessary yet cripplingly sad that my husband found me weeping on the couch, alone, in the dark, unable to talk for several minutes. It was like that YouTube video of those poor kids crying over that Timothy Green movie only my husband wasn’t cruel enough to record me blubbering.

Requiem for a Dream: Not one person got off light in this movie and, if it wasn’t for Ellen Burstyn’s incredible performance, I probably would not have seen this movie as many times as I have. While this movie didn’t have me weeping, it made me never want to do drugs, watch game shows, go on a diet or try to get rich ever again, because EVERYTHING WILL GO WRONG. And you’ll probably lose a limb or worse. MUCH WORSE. Speaking of Darren Aronofsky…

The Wrestler: This movie combines my daddy issues with my love of professional wrestling and my hope that Mickey Rourke can get his damn life together. ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ will never be the same.

Honorable Mentions:

Beaches: It’s so cliché but it’s tough when your best friend becomes a superstar and you both end up envying what the other one has!

Saving Private Ryan: I get more emotional thinking about the real people and how they got through this war, but Old Man Matt Damon at the end always gets me good. I can’t handle crying grandpas.

Blue Valentine: If beautiful people can’t procreate and be happy, then what chance do the rest of us have?!

Steel Magnolias: If you only watch the first half, you are emotionally gored by laughter, but then Shelby collapses, the baby is crying and Sally Field is trying to hold it together for the family and, that’s when you realize, the shit just got real.