Hey gang, a recovering and slightly sleep deprived Meg here to give some straight dope about our first few  weeks home with a newborn. Our bouncing baby girl is almost 3 weeks old! We were home from the hospital  after less than 3 full days and I’ve got 6 glorious weeks off from work to heal and keep another human  alive…and I’m totally bored out of my mind! When I had Jonas 5+ years ago I had a C Section and had a slew of  people in my house helping me out, grocery shopping for me and doing chores; I was mostly helpless with a side of freaking out. With Selby J., I had my husband home for the first week but now it’s business as usual. I’m fully capable of doing laundry, keeping my house clean and attending Comicon. Life hasn’t stopped completely with her birth, which is contrary to what everyone else was telling me would happen. Mostly I have found myself with an abundance of free time to fill as she is pretty boring and is only interested in me when it’s time to be fed. The downside to this is that, despite the desire, I’m still running on half as much sleep as normal so my desire to make a mess doing crafts or learn a new vocation is LOW. Maternity leave feels like the guiltiest kind of vacation but I’m determined not to squander it (especially since it’ll be a whole year before my next block of actual vacation opens up again). So here is how I have been filling my time:

    • Added the “Lolita” audiobook to my collection: This is one of my favorite books of all time and I have great intentions to re-read it this year, so why not have Jeremy Irons do it for me? (Another Fun Fact: I tried listening to it while writing this, turns out I can’t actually listen to people read great literature while I’ll trying to type silly rubbish about babies. End Fun Fact).

    • Reading a bunch of books that I haven’t had time for previously: Ender’s Game, The Best Advice I Ever Got, The Glass Castle and To Kill a Mockingbird are on the list of things I have been meaning to read but haven’t gotten around to in 31 years. Oh what the heck, I’ll throw a yet another round of Hunger Games in that mix as well (maybe it’ll be the first book I read aloud to Selby)!

    • Re-watching Arrested Development before the Netflix premiere: There has never been a better use of my time; re-discovering the Bluths has brought me endless joy and, since it’s been years since I’ve watched them all, it’s like seeing old, silly friends again. Also, Buster! How I’ve missed Buster! “Who would ever want to “R” her?”

    • Re-watching a lot of movies in my collection: High Fidelity, Dirty Dancing, Lord of the Rings, with a few newbies in the mix (Lincoln, the latest Oscar winners and the CM Punk documentary). At any moment I could fall asleep on the couch mid sentence (mine or someone else’s), so familiar movies are a necessity.

    • I finally cleaned out that kitchen cupboard! It bothered no one else but me and it’s been on my “To Do” list for the last 6 months, so there you go.

    • “Sleep when the baby sleeps:” This only works for people that can nap during the day. I managed to nap once so far and woke up after 40 minutes with flop sweat because I was convinced the baby had disappeared. Never. Sleep. Again.

    • Netflix! I’ve been paying for this for the past two years and yet never get to actually watch anything on it. Currently my Instant Queue is filled with a hundred kinds of cartoons; Jonas is the master of the Queue so I’m excited to re-introduce myself to all the random shows (and the new season of Arrested Development!) that I’ve been missing out on.

-Megan out!