Hiya, folks!  Sorry for the radio-silence this past week.  I have been falling further and further behind on Major Tom Jr. lately, and the procrastination fairies finally caught up to me.  Finishing  a strip at the 11th hour doesn’t leave time to catch mistakes or even check in with yourself to make sure you’re on the right track – and playing it to the bone just leaves the door wide open for sloppy writing.  So I took a breath – and a break… and just forgot to tell you.
So yeah – Major Tom Jr. will be on a little hiatus in November.  This will give me some much needed time to refuel the creative juices and get some good plotting done as we ramp up the action and head toward the climax of this first story arc.  I also hope to get ahead by a few weeks so that things won’t be so last-minute in the future – fingers crossed.  Thanks so much for reading – and (hopefully) sticking with me through a li’l rough patch.
I look forward to wrapping up these recent events in December, and then we’ll head full steam into next year with our not-so-intrepid crew’s first full-fledged peace mission.  The stakes will be high, and you won’t want to miss the explosive conclusion!
Stay Stellar, Cadets!