Christmas for us is a time of family, friends, and pranks. In the midst of genuine and heartfelt gifts there’s always bound to be one that’s thrown in there just to “get ya”. Never is it funnier, than when it’s unintentional. This year we had an extra kid in the mix, so there was bound to be some tag mix ups, right? right?! The look on Jonas’ face when he got that mustache onesie was priceless. Really, the best.

It was a pretty great Christmas for us this year. Of course Selby was more interested in the bags and wrapping paper, than any of the actual presents. Though, she did get some pretty adorable things. It being her first Christmas I’m sure there was some competition to buy her the most adorable present.

Competition is a big theme in our family Christmas. You’ll regularly hear Megan and I trying to “face” each other with the better Christmas gifts. Now I had a pretty great 8 year run, but I flew too close to the sun and got burned. Megan walked out of this Christmas carnage the clear winner. I gave it my damnedest, but the stars aligned and she totally faced me. Because we all know the true meaning of Christmas is to beat your opponent into submission with your generosity and thoughtfulness.

This time of year is so special for me, and I can’t wait until next year to try and regain my crown. Watch out Meg, I’m coming for ya!

Merry Pranksmis everyone, and to all a goodnight.