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Dragon+ Gauntlet Gophers


I couldn’t be more excited that my newest comic “the Gauntlet Gophers” are featured on the new Dragon+ app. It’s basically the virtual successor to the old Dungeons and Dragons “Dragon Magazine”. It’s got all the latest D&D news, interviews, and of course the Gauntlet Gophers.

The Dragon+ app is free to download on iOS (android soon), the comic is on page 21. Go give it a look:

The Gauntlet Gophers are a group of adventurers who are always just a little bit late to the party. Either due to double booking a quest or the sheer fact that they’ve got tiny legs and just can’t get there in time. In their minds they are GREAT adventurers and they might even be competent, if they weren’t always lagging. Only the wizard (Trefoil) seems aware of their folly, while the others seemingly live in delusion.

Jeremy N. Fisher and Major Tom Jr.

Happy New Year, fans & friends!

2014 was a great year for me, and so much has already happened in 2015 – my wife and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary AND our son’s 2nd birthday – all on the same day!  Due to the holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, there won’t be a new Major Tom Jr. strip this week – but I might have something even better for you.  Go check out the Thunderskull Press store to see what Santa left you!

book3 SYWE01

That’s right – Comics and books and art – oh my!  Major Tom Jr. – Initial Mission: Part One was a big hit last month at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest, and now you can get your very own Limited Edition right here at Thunderskull Press.  The book is hand-made, home-printed, and individually cut/bound with an art-board cover and cardstock interiors, featuring 40 pages of comics and art!  Also in the store is the JNF Sketchbook, with concept art and pages from previous projects – as well as The Refrigerator Box Adventures of Bobby & Darin – Issue #1, a cute little tale of two brothers who stumble into heart-stopping adventure through an unlikely portal.

The other major addition to the store is JNF Commissions!  My list is wide open for 2015 and I’m looking forward to drawing your favorite Major Tom Jr. characters – or really anything else your little hearts desire.  I will be working in pencil, ink, and Copic Markers on 4x6in. bristol board -or- producing one-of-a-kind custom cell phone cases with the same specs.  iPhone 5, 6, and 6 Plus orders come with a case, but inserts can be made for any size phone if you want to find your own clear case, so get your noodles brewing and come up with something cool for me to draw.

All of the Major Tom Jr. and JNF merchandise is available individually or in bundles to make sure you get the most goodies for your hard-earned buck.

Thanks a million.  See you next Wednesday.


A look at 2014

It’s been one year. One year to the day.

One year ago today I left my job at Bookmans, a used book and entertainment store. We did a little bit of everything: books, music, video games, movies, and more. I’d been there for 12 years, almost all of my 20s and I did everything from customer service to cleaning bathrooms, from buying video games, books, and music to managing a staff of 40. I grew up there. I was forced to break out of my shell,  having to interact with thousands of people a week.  My first month was harrowing and I didn’t know if I was going to make it. Before I worked there, I was cripplingly introverted and anti-social, but over the months and years I gained my confidence. I felt good, I was good at my job. After 12 years the time came for me to break out of my shell again. I quit my job to become a full-time cartoonist. I cashed in my comfort, complacency, and my newfound confidence to follow my dreams.

This has been the single most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. It is also the single most rewarding. Each month is like playing the lottery. Some months I get a good amount of work and that helps keep us going, and I feel like this is what I was always meant to do. Other months are dry and we wonder how we are going to pay our bills. There are times I wonder if I should go get another job, but then we try it for “just  one more month” and we scrape through.

The good times have far outweighed the bad. This year has been incredibly fulfilling, both personally and creatively. The support of our fans has been overwhelming. There have been months where our Patreon Patrons have been the difference between getting a bill paid or not. To that point, Megan, Jonas, Selby and I want our Patrons to know just how much the support has been appreciated. It’s a lot. More than I can articulate.

I’ve been working hard to create a comic that I can be proud of. I’ve had opportunities to do really fun projects, and make some really great new friends. I don’t take for granted a single moment of it. It’s been a gift, and I am making the most of it. Every day, every month, is a new challenge but they are challenges I gladly accept. I really do believe that you can do what you love as long as you are willing to bust your ass to achieve it.

Follow your dreams, whatever they are. Keep pushing, and clawing, and scratching to make it work.  Yes, it is hard. In the words of Thomas Paine “what we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value.”

Thank you for being a part of this year dear reader. Thank you for everything you do.


Phoenix Fanfest

This weekend Phoenix Comicon is hosting it’s first ever Phoenix Fanfest! What does that mean? Well it’s basically a comicon, but in cooler weather. Phoenix Comicon has been a wonderful show for us in the past years, good crowd, well run. So we figured why not give Fanfest a shot! We’re looking forward to this weekend and would love to see you there. Here’s a handy map on where you can find us:


If you stopped by the table at Phoenix Comicon back in May, have no fear we’ve got a few new goodies sure to catch your eye. Dare I say we may have that last minute gift you’ve been looking to buy. At table A418, Jeremy is going to have a limited supply of signed and numbered Major Tom Jr. Books! That’s right, books! They are handcrafted, and one of a kind. Make sure to pick one up while you can, because they will not be available again. Both Jeremy and Tavis will also be doing original art this weekend. Also for the first time ever, Tavis is introducing a collection of Mini Prints based on one of his all time favorite SNES RPGs – Chrono Trigger!

Chrono_Trigger_collectionThere’s a lot happening this weekend so we hope to see you there.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

from Thunderskull Press