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Phoenix Comicon

Whooo! Phoenix Comicon is this weekend June 5th – 8th. Come by and visit us at tables 1815 and 1817, we’ll have oldies but goodies as well as some brand new swag! We’re also welcoming our brand new comic Captain Jeremy Fisher to Phoenix Comicon this year, so make sure to come by and say hey. Also for the first time ever, the debut of Tenko King at Phoenix Comicon.

This is one of our favorite shows, the crowd is excited and friendly, the fans are passionate, we are very fortunate to have such a great local show. We can’t wait to see you there this weekend.


Love and Evil,

Team Thunderskull

Tenko King

Pax East and Emerald City Comic Con have been amazing! I’ve met some really wonderful fans of Tenko King. It means a lot to me when you come up and chat, and are excited to see where the comic is going. Getting to meet people who have never heard of Tenko King, but will stand there and let me tell them about this comic, has been a joy. It’s been a little over a month now and your continued support has been amazing, thank you. Your support helps keep Tenko King going; your support helps keep me going. I’m so happy to hear from you and love hearing your thoughts about the comic. Keep those tweets coming or hit us up on Facebook. If you are looking to support but don’t know how, just linking to the comic and sharing it with your friends is huge! If your looking to contribute monetarily go check out the shop, or hit up the donation button. Thank you again, I look forward to bringing you Tenko King for a long time to come.

PAX East

In just a few short days I’m making my way to Boston for my second PAX east. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago I was venturing out to my first PAX as a part of Strip Search. Well, I’m back! It’s so exciting to be heading back to Boston and hanging out with the gang once more. Of course I’ll be bringing a few Pinny Arcade Pins to trade, as well as a healthy dose of Tenko King merch, and Stranger Danger Pins. You want sketches? I’ll be doing that too. I can’t wait to chat with you, draw some stuff, and just generally have a great time!

This is the Second stop on the Tenko King tour!


Tenko King Launches

Welcome to Tenko King! My brand new, all ages fantasy adventure. I’ve been thinking about this story for years and I’m so excited to finally share it with you. Growing up I loved fantasy adventure epics and embarking on the hero’s journey. Tenko King is the culmination of my childhood; taking my love of mythology, fantasy, comics, and video games and weaving them together into a personal letter from me to you. For me Tenko King is about growing up and everything that comes with it. Life can be a wonderful, scary, great, dangerous, magical thing… all at the same time.


For the first week I’ll be updating each day, giving you a peek at the history and mythology of Tenko King. Starting March 10th the comic will be on a Monday/Thursday Schedule. You can follow me on Twitter, and like the Facebook page for updates, behind the scenes sketches, and more. Thanks for joining me on this adventure, and welcome to the Order of Watchers.