PAX is BAX (er, back)! This weekend join me and my fellow Strippers as we invade Bandland at the Washington State Convention Center right in the heart of PAX prime! I’ll be at the Stripsearch booth most of the weekend and I’ve got a few cool new things coming with me.

Stranger Danger Teamwork pin 2 Stranger Danger Teamwork pin  Stranger Danger Teamwork pin 4

Capturing the competitive nature of Cooperative play I’ve got the Stranger Danger “Teamwork” pins. They’re awesome. I love gaming with my son. I love these pins. If you love them too, come snag one at PAX.

On top of that I’ve got a VERY limited number of STRIPFIGHTER prints. 35. That’s it. This is your opportunity to grab one and get it signed by all of us Strippers.StripFighter


That’s not all! I’ll also have 100 Stripsearch pins! (I know, right?!) I am looking for some very specific pins to trade, and I may have other ways that you can get a pin as well. Here’s my starting list:
-all the Lookouts Pins (Pinny Arcade)
-Professor Pigglesworth (LRR)
-Hatty Hatterson (Behemoth)
I’ll tweet any updates as people trade, but I’ll be cool with some dupes (gotta bring home pins for the kiddo and wife)

Don’t forget that you’ve also only got 7 days to pledge your support to Tenko King. I would love to see some awesome attendees download the Kickstarter app and pledge right there in Bandland.

I can’t wait to see you there!