Round 3: Tavis Versus Lexxy

Tavis VS Lexxy

Round 2: Katie Versus Ty

Katie VS Ty

Round 1: Katie Versus Alex

Katie VS Alex

Yeah, that’s right. I’m doing it. For every Strip Search elimination I’m going to make a commemorative Strip Fighter Shirt featuring the two Artists locked in combat. So to start things off, here’s round 1…ART!

Alex posted a Versus card for the elimination episode of Strip Search, going up against Katie. Then Nick jumped in and started working on a character select screen. So now I, am throwing my hat into the ring. I’m going to add a new match up, for every head to head there is. As the show goes on I’ll do a shirt for each elimination. In addition I’ll be adding artists to an overall piece that is just going to get bigger and better. When it’s done. well, maybe it would make a nice print to hang on your wall.