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Keep up with all the Strip Search happenings by checking out Strip Search. Interested in what the artists have been doing since the show? Follow them by following an unofficial fan page by an official fan. It’s nice that there’s someone out there collecting all the memes and twitter in-jokes. So come join in or just observe from the shadows, whatever you like.



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So a few days ago the Strip Search site went live. The episodes haven’t starting airing yet, but you can navigate around the site and entertain yourself. I can tell you that if everyone’s artist bio is like mine, it was filmed after a long flight, followed by a long car ride, and then 5 minutes in the hotel room before being called up for an interview. I really cannot stress how amazing everybody is on this show. Check out their bios, check out their websites. I can’t wait until these episodes start  up :)

Even more Previously on Strip Search News:

So as a few people know, I took a leap of faith a few months back, and applied to be on a reality show. I did so, with the support and encouragement of my awesome wife to take a chance and put myself out there. Getting on the show would mean weeks away from home, and with a 5 year old, that can be a lot to ask. Amazingly I made the first cut and found myself in the top 500. Then before I knew it I was in the top 100, then top 40. Then it hit. I received an email saying that I’d made it onto the show. There are still so many things I can’t say, but for now I can say this…I made it on Penny Arcade’s Strip Search. It was an amazing life changing event, and I hope you join me on the adventure…once it airs 😉
So until then, check out the amazing and super-talented works of these amazing and super-talented peeps:
Nick Trujillo, Lexxy Douglass, Mackenzie Schubert, Maki Naro, Abby Howard, Ty Halley, Katie Rice, Monica Ray, Erika Moen, Amy T Falcone, and Alex Hobbs, all of whom I am very lucky to have as colleagues and am even more lucky to call my friends.

UPDATE Both Loading Ready Run and Penny Arcade have announced official teaser information.
Also, it would probably be a good idea to link my Twitter here. So there it is. Thanks!