KSCoverimageliveWe’re doing it, we’re Kickstarting Tenko King Volume One: A New Leaf.

Tenko King volume one is done and ready to read for free online. Now it’s time to collect those pages into a beautiful full color book. As the story progresses and the world expands, the characters grow older and hopefully wiser with each new experience. As readers, we grow up WITH them.

The book will also have bonus content, never before seen. New pages, a bonus bestiary, a new side story, and the Watcher’s cipher. With the incredible support of our backers we’ve reached 50% of our goal in the first day. We’ve still got a ways to go before we’re funded, and we’re counting on your support to help us get there. Your pledges, sharing the campaign and talking about the project are going to get us through to the end.