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A Lil’ Meg Adventure


It seems almost cruel that we’ve had next to no winter here in the desert this year. My warmest thoughts are always with our friends and family in the Midwest and East Coast! I spent my youngest years in Wisconsin and had my fair share of wet, freezing socks, snot that would freeze in your nose and school days spent never feeling warm. This Lil’ Meg Adventure happened one year when we had an enormous snowfall coupled with incredible winds. We had drifts high enough that my brothers were jumping off the roof of our single story house into them without reaching the ground. One neighbor made an “underground” dog run because the drifts had rendered his kennel useless with just a one foot distance between the top of the snow and the top of the fence. Our yard had a dip in the back right before the fence; I literally lost my boot 10 feet from my house and you would have thought my toes had turned black the moment my boot separated from my socked foot. The dramatics were epic but the frostbite was non-existent. Lil’ Meg lived, with all 10 toes, to conquer the snow drifts another day.

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