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Mind Blown

Blowing my Mind

I wish it wasn’t a cliche, but kids really DO say the darnedest things! We’ve been eagerly awaiting our new arrival and have been trying to include Jonas in many of the activities leading up to baby time: helping to pick out the paint for her room, registering for all the necessary baby gear and, of course, arts and crafts. I am no slouch in the crafts department and my obsession with polka dots is only hindered by my inability to make a perfect circle. Jonas and I decided to make owl pictures for the baby’s room (when TJ came home it became an adorable triptych!), and this comic ultimately resulted in me shattering his brain with a way to make easy polka dots. TJ may be the better artist in the family, but, to Jonas, I cemented my place as the craftiest girl alive.

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