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Seasons Beatings

seasons beatings

Generally Jonas is a very good boy so Christmas is a no brainer for him: Good boy =  loads of presents. A casual mention of the Krampus this week has brought a whole new level to Christmas and what it means to be good. When you are good, Santa brings you presents! Yay! When you are bad, the Krampus shoves you in a sack and beats you with a birch stick! Boo!

This was the first year that I had heard of the Krampus and, being a ridiculously gullible child, I would have ramped up my goodness by 1000% if I knew that the consequence for naughtiness was a beating by a holiday demon. I don’t know why anyone would bother with coal in the stocking when there could be a Krampus on the loose! I’m positive that the Krampus will not be visiting our household this year, but it’s an added incentive for everyone to do their homework without whining because it’s not just Santa that is watching…

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