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Shower Power

Stranger Danger Shower Power

Lately, Robot and Neko have become obsessed with escorting us into the bathroom. If any of us enters the bedroom, Neko will literally throw his body against the bathroom door and start to rattle the knob, “Here, let me help you with that!” he meows like a goon. Robot will just casually linger to see if you’ll let her in there with you, but Neko has almost lost his tail on more than one occasion due to his Indiana Jonas-esque maneuvering to enter the bathroom as I shut the door. If I don’t notice him racing to the door (which, to be fair, is often as the view of everything below my pregnant equator doesn’t exist), it scares me every time as it sounds like there is a psycho murderer trying to pound his way out of the bathroom. Nope, it’s just my dainty, old man cat that wants to be pet while we do our business.

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