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The Date Escape


Ah date night! Are there two sweeter words for a parent to hear besides “afternoon nap?” With two children and hectic work schedules, we don’t get to go out as often as we would like to, but we also recognize that it’s essential that we go out, sans kids, to remember how to talk to one another without interruption. Not only are dates important for us as a functioning couple that existed before our kids, but it’s also important for the kids to spend time with people other than us and their teachers. Auntie Leah is always greeted with eager anticipation as she always has something amazing to eat in her bag (last time it was banana chips, this time it was cinnamon-sugar pita chips), whip cream and apple cider (a one time treat that is now requested by Jonas every time she comes). Seeing as both of my kids have barfed on Leah at least once, we are grateful for her to be the keeper of the couch! On behalf of all parents, thank you to sitters everywhere!

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